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Leveraging on our advanced manufacturing techniques, our technically superior welding controllers and control panels incorporates advanced features and provide maximum utilization to our clients. Our manufacturing unit is backed by our proficient engineers who have in-depth industry knowledge. We create value for our clients owing to our high technology products and efficient after sales support.


Our company offers various electric and automation control panels which are reliable and safe in their performance. Our product range includes Main Switch Board, Main Power Distribution board, Power Distribution board, Sub-Distribution Board, Main Lighting board, Lighting Distribution board, Fuse Distribution board, MCC, Power Control Centre, Control Desk With MIMIC, Relay Control Panel, PLC, AMF Control Panel, Drive Panel, Instrument Panel, Capacitor Control Panel, Feeder Pillars, Local Control Station, Push Button Station, Switch Socket Outlet, Junction Box, Automatic Voltage SERVO, Sub Switch Board. Some salient features of our products are:

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • User friendly
  • Safe performance
  • Less maintenance
  • Low voltage consumption

Product Showcase

Main Power Distribution board

Power Distribution Board is used for electrical Power Distribution. In this ACB, MCCB, SDF, MCB etc are the main equipments. This receives supply from PCC. Power Distribution Board offers Isolation and Short Circuit as basic protections. Other Protections like Over current, Earth Fault, Earth Leakage etc are offered on case to case basis. Designing needs cable entry, access, site conditions, place of placement etc. information.

Main Switch Board

The Main Switch Boards are designed for marine purposes to meet customers requirement and made in accordance with the requirements of the classification societies. The switchboards manufactured by us are resistant to vibration, moisture and temperature and employing parts chosen on the basis of our high technology and accumulated experience, thus offering a long lifetime and high performance. The switchboards are built of 2-3 mm steel sheet profiles which are all welded to ensure a strong construction. The framework can also be made of modular sheet steel profiles which are screwed together and suitable for marine applications.

MCC Panel

We are recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of MCC Panels widely appreciated all across the country. These have the capacity to feed larger loads and are designed as per the clients’ specifications. The MCC panels conform to the international standards and are available with multiple power stabs that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors. Our MCC panels comprises of Full voltage non-reversing and full voltage reversing starters, Ac variable Frequency drives, lighting panels, transformers, analog or digital metering, feeder fusible disconnects and such other features

PLC Programmable logic control Panel

We are one of the successful name as PLC Panel Manufacturers. We manufacture superb quality PLC Panel such as Electric PLC Panel. Our PLC Panel is programmable logic controller which is widely used for industrial process automation. Our PLC Panel is designed for dedicated controller projects or as part of a larger networked system.


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Mr. Shiba Prasad Jana
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Mobile ::  +91-9331811872, +91-9007091200
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